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Older Australians shaped the Australia we see today. Research is important to make sure that this population receives positive attention and the quality care it deserves. Growing old does not need to be a burden, but rather a celebration of resilience. Aging is a critical risk factor for a variety of human pathologies, such as dementia, cancer, heart and metabolic diseases, and thus ageing related research also presents as an opportunity to investigate these conditions and better understand how we all can achieve healthy ageing.

The goal of StepUp for Ageing Research is to make it easier for people of any age to find out about and take part in ageing related research . Ageing related studies can include the health and wellbeing of older people, positive ageing, frailty, aged care and support services, rehabilitation and policy and societal issues.

StepUp for Ageing Research can help to alleviate some of the difficulties researchers can have in recruiting participants. Older adults have been often neglected or underrepresented in research partly because there is not an easily accessible place for them to learn about the latest research activities.

Delays in finding eligible participants can result in studies taking longer to deliver, and costing more. Not having enough participants can impact on the scientific integrity and generalisability of the study findings.

Many people describe participating in research as a rewarding experience. You may meet people who have had similar experiences to you, or you may learn more about healthy ageing and the care options available to you. You may simply find it an interesting and satisfactory way to contribute and to help others.

While the service is free to use, we understand that we are asking you to give your time. This gift will be very much appreciated by the researchers, and may in turn benefit your own and future generations.