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Health/Aged Care Providers

As a healthcare professional, you can play a vital role in enabling research into healthy ageing by educating your clients and staff about the benefits and importance of research, and encouraging their participation. Supporting your clients’ participation in research can also provide the opportunity to enhance their life goals and make a valuable contribution to the ageing community.

How can you support StepUp for Ageing Research?


1. Engage your colleagues

Tell your colleagues about our service and encourage them to speak to their clients about StepUp for Ageing Research too. You could do this by including information about Step Up for Ageing Research in your newsletter, on your website, or through your social media. You can also contact us to arrange for someone from our team to visit your organisation and present on StepUp for Ageing Research.


2. Engage your clients

Speak to your clients, their carers, and their loved ones about participating in research. Offering their insight and lived experience through research participation can support clients’ sense of purpose, hopefulness, and control. Ageing research participation can introduce your clients to a community with similar experiences and challenges. Participation is free and open to anyone aged 18 and over who are residing in Australia.


3. Inform researchers

As a healthcare or aged care practitioner, you may be contacted by researchers looking to recruit participants. Referring these researchers to StepUp for Ageing Research will introduce them to a broad database of volunteer participants whose information has already been captured – saving you both time in the long run. Direct the researchers to he materials below, refer them to our website or helpdesk, or simply tell them about the service.

​Share our Materials

To support you to support us, we’ve created free materials such as posters, brochures, and registration forms for you to distribute and place in waiting and consulting rooms.

You can download and print our materials here:

To speak to us about ordering these free materials, contact 1800-STEP-123 (1800-7837-123) or email us at stepup.research@sydney.edu.au.